The Total Fitness Team

Total Fitness is a total health and well-being fitness centre, staffed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who want to help you achieve your goals.



Meet Blair!

Blair Bowman is the Owner/Manager at Total Fitness as well as a highly experienced Personal Trainer. This combined with having a young family, he knows what it is like to lead a busy life.

Blair has had a passion for fitness and exercise since completing his Physical Education Degree through the University of Otago and likes to use his extensive fitness industry knowledge to create a safe and effective exercise experience that is time efficient and fun.

He enjoys bringing together Personal Training, Massage and Nutrition with his fantastic team at Total Fitness to provide the total package and improve the health and fitness of his clients and members.


Meet Brian!

Brian Reeves has over 20 years of Personal Training experience, both in the UK and NZ.

He specializes in strength work, rehabilitation and bantering with clients.

Brian thoroughly enjoys working with the team here at Total Fitness and finds it especially rewarding to see his clients achieving their goals.

Come in and see Brian for a morning PT session to get the day off to a great start, he would love to see you!


Meet Abby!

Abby Shaw has a combined Nutritionist and Membership Consultant role at Total Fitness, specialising in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

She is driven to give you the key tools to improve your health and body in order to sustain a fulfilling lifestyle.

Abby enjoys the great community here at Total Fitness and can’t wait to meet new clients!

Tip: eat a rainbow of foods; Red – good for the heart and strength and support of our joints, Orange – great source of Vitamin C and important for the health of our eyes, Yellow – fantastic for the skin and digestive system, Green- helps to keep things moving around body, Purple/Blue – great food for the brain.

Come and see Abby to get you on track for your 2014 health and nutrition goals!


Meet Jodi!

Jodi Peirson is our fantastic Massage Therapist, qualified with a Diploma in Massage Therapy from the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine and Certificate of Advanced Sports Massage.

Jodi is experienced in a variety of massage styles which include; Relaxation, Sports, NMT (neuromuscular therapy), Pregnancy (with a specially equipped pregnancy table) and Swedish Massages.

Jodi takes a holistic approach to massage treatments looking at your posture, activity level, injury history, emotional well being and body composition to deliver you a massage therapy solution that works! If you’ve been putting up with your aches and pains for too long, now is the time to make a change.

Jodi absolutely loves her job and helping her clients. Come and visit Jodi at Total Fitness, you won’t regret it!


Meet Megan!

Megan Laas is our newest member of the amazing Total Fitness team. As a Personal Trainer she believes in the holistic approach to attaining your optimal well-being. Megan qualified with an Honours degree in Sport Science from the University of Johannesburg. Her experience includes working both on and off the sports field with athletes and personal training clients to reach their personal goals.

Megan specializes in sports conditioning, injury prevention, general strengthening and weight loss. She is the head coach of rowing at a Christchurch school and enjoys working with people who share her passion for health and fitness.

Megan loves meeting new people and getting them started so come in and book an initial consultation to get you on your path to success!