At Total Fitness our qualified and experienced Nutritionist will offer you the support and education required to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes. Through our nutrition service we give you the tools and knowledge to adopt a nutrition plan that you will not only enjoy but will also be able to maintain.

Specialising in exercise nutrition allows us to diversify from clients with weight loss goals to athletes wanting to optimise their performance. Services we provide at Total Fitness include:

  • Individualised food plans
  • Support and education to help you achieve your specific goals
  • Clinical assessment using Bio Impedance Analysis to measure your current body composition and specific health indicators
  • Performance and competition nutrition
  • Healthy eating and disease prevention through nutrition
  • Child and adolescent nutrition education
  • Nutritional Seminars

Our nutritionist at Total Fitness provides information and guidance about the impact of food and nutrition on your health and wellbeing. We provide support and knowledge around nutrition and in conjunction with regular exercise we can help remove the barriers to achieving your goal of becoming ‘Totally Fit!’

So call us today on 03 365 5410 and begin your healthy, nutritious and rewarding journey at Total Fitness.